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Youth Employability & Social value

What is Youth Employability

and Social value

Youth employability includes not only the availability of employment but also how prepared young people are to enter the workforce and fulfill employers’ needs while Social value describes how youth employment affects society as a whole. As a result, youth employability and social value are interlinked because increasing the former might have a favorable impact on the latter.


The project EYES aims at exploiting the potential of Social Entrepreneurship and its appeal towards new generations. The project wants to provide young people in the Euromediterranean area with a deepened knowledge and a set of skills on Social Entrepreneurship.

Erasmus +

The EU’s programme aimed at supporting Education, Training, Youth and Sport in Europe. It provides opportunities to study, train, gain experience, and volunteer abroad. SEYW is financed under the Youth section of the programme.


The consortium of the project EYES involves six partners from six different countries from EU and southern Meda: TDM 2000 from Italy,  XUL FUNDACION from Spain, iED from Greece,  SEEDS from Jordan, Have A Dream from Egypt, Tunisian Scout from Tunisia.


A collection of projects and activities collected and shared by our community members reporting useful good practices in the field of social entrepreneurship.

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