The Added Value

of Social Entrepreneurship in Youth Work

What is The added value of social entrepreneurship in youth work

A framework for Youth Work to acquire new methods from Social Entrepreneurship and vice versa, sharing concepts and values for mutual growth to learn from each others’ successful experiences and initiatives.


A 33 months Strategic Partnership financed under the Key Action 3 of the Erasmus + Youth of the European Commission, involving 6 EU countries and aiming at sharing good practices among Youth Work and Social Entrepreneurship sectors.

Erasmus +

The EU’s programme aimed at supporting Education, Training, Youth and Sport in Europe. It provides opportunities to study, train, gain experience, and volunteer abroad. SEYW is financed under the Youth section of the programme.


Our project consortium is formed by 6 partners coming from Youth, Education, and Social Entrepreneurship sectors, based in 6 EU countries: Italy, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Greece and Luxembourg.

The context

Social entrepreneurship is a form of employment for many, allowing people to be self-sufficient while making a difference and impacting society and environment and allowing to involve people with fewer opportunities. The youth work needs constant innovation to face the challenges that European youth meet, offering support and inspiration to become changemakers. Our goal is to support and facilitate their encounters to learn from each other and create new opportunities for both sectors.


An approach by start-up companies, entrepreneurs and business companies, in which they develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues. Social Entrepreneurship aims at creating social value rather than just profit.

Youth Work

A wide variety of activities of a social, cultural, educational, environmental and/or political nature by, with and for youth, delivered by youth workers and based on non-formal and informal learning processes focusing on voluntary participation.

Common points

A look at the possible intersections occurring between the two sectors of Youth Work and Social Entrepreneurship, understanding what are their points in common and how they can benefit from each others’ good practices and methods.


Check out the projects and activities collected and shared by our community members reporting useful good practices in the fields of Youth Work and Social Entrepreneurship that can give inspiration for innovative actions in both sectors.



MegoBar is Social enterprise in Zugdidi, Georgia, which is a youth center/a place where workshops, trainings / seminars, exhibition, Poetry and music events are held during the day for free (till 6 pm) and after 6pm operates as a bar – with food and beverage what...

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RéciProCité is the project that led to the creation of the association Entr-Autres. It is a project born from meetings: Sandra Mathieu, an ingenious craftswoman, Italo Passaro, a talented restaurateur, and Sabra Ben Ali, an clinical psychologist, decided to combine...

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Third Space

Third Space

La Ruche was born in France in 2008 with the conviction that a responsible and collaborative society was possible. Its mission is to bring together all those working on innovative responses to the most complex social and environmental challenges. Today, it brings...

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