EYES: Youth Employability and Social value


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Non- Profit Organisations


Amman, Jordan

General Description of the project

The Business Development Center–BDC, is a Jordanian non-profit organisation dedicated to fostering sustainable socio-economic development through employability and entrepreneurship training programs, social enterprises support hand-in-hand with a strong team of experts and pool of trainers.

BDC accurately monitors the labour market, analyses supply and demand needs, spots missing pieces and designs developmental evidence-based programmes that provide linkages to build business opportunities and effectively administrates training programs. Through delivering community-led solutions for development, BDC acts as a local multiplier for an inclusive regional economic development.

We work in all governorates of Jordan, including and especially in remote and hard-to-reach areas where essential services and livelihood opportunities are lacking. Since its establishment in 2004, BDC has outreached more than 4,000,000 people in Jordan and the region, with the support and trust of international donors, INGOs and UN agencies.



- Supporting Host Communities and Refugees - Targeting poverty pockets and hard-to-reach areas to foster local economic development, enhance local livelihoods - BDC’s identity lies in its unique Skills for employment programs - Women Engagement, Leadership, and Gender Equality is at the heart of BDC’s mission, vision, and goals

Social motivation

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International recognition

Transferability and replicability and contribution in terms as “what can we learn about this good

They are amazing role model for many entities in Jordan

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