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Sustainability and the environment


Non- Profit Organisations


Girona, Spain

General Description of the project

The Association of Ecotourism in Spain (AEE) is a non-profit association created in 2010 to promote sustainable tourism in protected areas and composed mainly of associations of tourism entrepreneurs located in natural areas, management entities of natural areas, public administrations involved in the tourism management of these, innovation entities (universities, foundations), tourism and technological innovation companies, and tourism companies committed to conservation and local development.



The mission of the AEE is to implement cooperative and innovative actions to promote nature tourism and ecotourism in protected areas (Spanish Biosphere Reserves, National Parks, Natural Parks, Geoparks and Red Natura 2000). The AEE was created with the aim of providing innovative and sustainable solutions to tourism entrepreneurs operating in ENPs (natural Protected Areas), to their managers and to tourism administrations that have the common objective of promoting ecotourism in these natural areas. The lines defined in the Association's Strategic Plan to achieve these objectives are as follows: -Enhancing the value of protected natural areas as ecotourism destinations. -Research and improve the knowledge of supply and demand. -Institutional and private promotion of ecotourism. -Management structure of the Ecotourism Club. Promotion and communication. Marketing. Evaluation of the ecotourism product in Spain and its results.

Social motivation

Linked to a cause, Linked to a collective, Linked to a community

Grupal dimension and territorial reach

Great scope since it is an association that brings together companies and public administrations from all over Spain for the benefit of protected areas (Spanish Biosphere Reserves, National Parks, Natural Parks, Geoparks and Natura 2000 Network).

Transferability and replicability and contribution in terms as “what can we learn about this good

We do not know if there are associations or entities in other countries that work like this one, but it is a good practice that could be extended to other countries, since an association could be created with the same objectives of preservation and awareness of the environment. In this way, protected spaces are made known on the ground to raise awareness.

To which SDG contributes

15 Life in land