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Athens, Greece

General Description of the project

Impact Hub Athens is part of an International Network of social driven professionals and a variety of high impact creative professionals that are dedicated into prototyping the future of business. From social inclusion and social integration to environment and fair trade, the Impact Hub Athens is engaging expertise from its worldwide presence and creating a net of intercultural, high impact community that acts locally and internationally. 

The dynamic combination of innovation lab, business incubator and autonomous community offers members a unique ecosystem, staffed with resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities, and by joining the community of members and partners, they are automatically provided with opportunities to connect and grow their work.


Provide access to spaces, resources, connections, knowledge, talent and investment to turn ideas into action.

Social motivation

Grupal dimension and territorial reach

The Impact Hub Athens team works towards the development and growth of the local Impact Hub, based on the values shared and the need to shape new collaborative and sustainable business models. Hosts play a key role in Impact Hub’s day-to-day operation, in order to make sure that the space is at good condition at all times. The consulting team of Impact Hub Athens is interdisciplinary and consists of specialists and experienced professionals who advise, guide the community Impact Hub Athens in financial, communications and strategic issues. There are also alliances with businesses, individuals and organizations who want to increase their social impact in cooperation with the Impact Hub Athens actions. National and international reach

Transferability and replicability and contribution in terms as “what can we learn about this good

Each Impact Hub has its own local flavor, responding to the needs of the impact makers locally. And each Impact Hub has its own look and feel. The global network, created thanks to the connection between the existing and future Hubs, has as a milestone the conviction "think globally, act locally". In addition, the Impact Hub organises events and programmes which inspire creativity, provide valuable knowledge and support to business, as was the case, for example, with the open discussion organised by Impact Hub Athens and the street magazine 'Shedia', with the founder and pioneer of the global street magazine movement, Sir John Bird. He has succeeded in creating a powerful model of social and economic inclusion of homeless people, through the system of small shopkeepers (a similar project in Greece is offered by the street magazine 'Shedia'), providing employment for more than 200 homeless and unemployed people fellow citizens. This particular discussion concerned support practices for vulnerable groups of fellow citizens and their integration into the labour market, something that can continue and even upgrade by enhancing this good practice.

To which SDG contributes

SDG 8. Decent work and economic growth SDG 9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure SDG 10. Reduce inequalities SDG 11. Sustainable cities and communities


Sustainability, Positive impact