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Sustainability and the environment


Public Administration: National State Administration, autonomic communities, city councils, associations, institutional agencies, etc., Educative Institutions, Non- Profit Organisations


Tuscany, Italy

General Description of the project

Rekite is a small 5 people craft enterprise that was born from the idea of a sea and kitesurfing lover. On the verge of discarding his sail, he thought of giving it a second life by making unique products like bags, backpacks, jackets and wallets. Rekite takes used or broken sails of kitesurfs from people that can donate them and create those objects, the result is avoiding pollution as those sails would end up in landfills.


The goal is environmental as reusing the sails Rethink can create products making an economical income and reducing world pollution.

Social motivation

Grupal dimension and territorial reach

All people who practice sea sport with sails or who want to buy products made with sails.

Transferability and replicability and contribution in terms as “what can we learn about this good

The model is perfectly replicable in the euromediterranean area as its plenty of people practicing kitesurf in the Mediterranean sea.

To which SDG contributes