Cigno Verde Cooperativa Sociale

EYES: Youth Employability and Social value


Social, Sustainability and the environment



Parma, Italy

General Description of the project

Cigno Verde Social Cooperative was born in 1989 in Parma. They offer employment opportunities for disadvantaged people: psychiatric patients, prisoners admitted for outside work, people with alcohol and drug problems, people with disabilities, the long-term unemployed.

Disadvantaged people are helped and monitored in their work path. The activities they conduct are various and related to the environmental service: management and maintenance of green areas, separate collection of municipal waste and special waste (like printer toner or waste of electric and electronic equipment called WEEE), collection of waste and bulky waste, management of collection centres.


Cigno Verde's goal is to make a positive impact in the community of Parma by allowing disadvantaged people to work and at the same time offering a service to the community (cleaning green areas, waste collection..)

Social motivation

Grupal dimension and territorial reach

Locals in Parma.

Transferability and replicability and contribution in terms as “what can we learn about this good

The model is replicable in other communities as it is about offering work to disadvantaged people to make a positive impact in the community.

To which SDG contributes

Decent work and economic work, reduce inequalities, sustainable cities and communities, climate action, peace justice and strong institutions.