Sucania is an organization dealing with sustainable development in third countries, also aiming at providing training and education for development in Italy, as well as realization of projects in other countries. Its main action is a shop for fair trade and ethical commerce providing access to different products to the local community, both food products and crafts.

The food products are the major part of the shop, which also includes Bio products, alternative ones, healthy productions, the ones produced in development countries, the ones done taking care about CSR actions for the workers, products done in land taken away from organized crime, and so on. So any kind of productions that take care about social impact generated. Besides that there are also other products for self or home care (soaps, detergents and such).
Besides the shop, the organization organizes gatherings and meetings of people passionate about same ideals, exchange of natural products and recipes done with them, trainings, conferences and other actions.

Training activities for youth on Fair commerce and solidarity can be useful to be combined with Global Citizenship education.


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October 5, 2021

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