Mesa, La Maison de la Transition

Mesa – House of Transition or just Mesa is in their own words ‘A place for community gatherings at your service and at the service of our planet.’ This is the main venue for transition in Luxembourg and is an extension of the Transition Minett a nonprofit in itself. The location provides as space for a variety of community activities including live music, weekly or monthly specialty group meetings and supports local initiatives of all scales. The cooperative KiloMinett0, is a separate organization within this community that manages the vegetarian restaurant and the bulk store.

To describe the different elements of this space: There is the grocery Store which offers organic products and products from the Greater Region, sold without packaging. A restaurant / bar that offers organic vegetarian catering for lunch with a changing daily menu, salads, soups, pies and offers local organic drinks and snacks, which are served all day.
Finally the activities and meetings in which the venue aspect of Mesa becomes apparent. As it is a hub for transition in Luxembourg, evenings, debates, workshops, screenings, readings, concerts, etc. take place here, including a library with books on ecological initiative and a “free your stuff” area for giving away or finding household items, the Give-Box. Actually the Give-box has ben expanded to several locations around Esch sur Alzette and other communes in Luxembourg.

‘Mesa is also open to all those committed to this change and who wish to offer activities, workshops, or other cultural events related to transition.’


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October 6, 2021

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