Cocchiland is an agricultural business which uses natural methods to cultivate the land and promotes a synergic approach of agriculture, connecting different sectors, persons and businesses and entities in the area and around the territory. It produces and sells directly local productions of fruits and tomatoes, collects from other local producers to distribute, promotes a door to door delivery of natural seasonal products, gives the opportunity to learn and manage own land and enjoy its products, and promotes different projects connected with agriculture in synergy with other sectors.

It can be a very good way for kids and youngsters to learn more about what they eat, how it is produced and how healthy eating and production of food should be made. Also it can be a great way to learn soft skills useful for a job (also about networking and communication and cooperation), and to have a better connection with nature and the environment. Team building activities can also realized in the same frameworks.


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October 5, 2021

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