Bonzënnen Bonzuewen

‘Storytime’ has 2 parts: one is ‘The Story Cafe’ (Bonzennen Bonzuewen, in Diekirch), it is a place families can come to reconnect with their children, other family members, or other adults through the use of stories. The second part is ‘Potty Lotty’, a fictitious personality who goes to schools, private people or to other organizations and offices for readings.
They have set themselves the goal of having a positive impact on society and our environment. They do this through stories! Listening to stories, reading, inventing, telling, playing, writing or even dancing: all of this contributes to the openness in engaging with other people in society but also with nature.

Bonzënnen Bonzuewen offers a place for you to take time for your stories. For yourself, and for your children. Discover or invent stories together. Charlotte, the owner will help you, whether she reads the story to you, or provide you with material to play out the story, or invent stories with you.
Adults are also, of course, welcome here. They believe that stories can make a significant contribution to integration and inclusion in our society.

Stories have not only humans but also objects that connect them to humans. Thus, Bonzënnen Bonzuewen uses (also to minimize the impact on nature) almost exclusively used/upcycled furniture and goods and where it is possible to contribute to the circular economy they do so. This small social enterprise supports the work of other social projects, local artists and are open to collaborations.


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October 6, 2021

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