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Saint-Julien-En-Born, France

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La Smalah is a  citizen’s association for economic and cultural development. The organisation welcomes individuals and professionals in the « associative coffee shop » in the centre of the village and in the “hangar” on the artisanal zone.

The association coffee shop is a place of life and creation. It offers free workshops throughout the week, organises exhibitions, concerts and debates. Located in the heart of the village, it sometimes extends its activities outside the walls (market square, village streets, Contis’ beach, etc.) to involve the whole population. The town hall is a privileged partner of La Smalah.

The Hangar is a self-constructed building that houses spaces for shared activities. Two workshops are dedicated to wood and metal, where machines and tools are shared. A youth inclusion project has been set up in these workshops.

A coworking space is available for jobs related to graphic design, web development, etc. There are also digital workshops where people can learn about computers, access certain services (job service, writing a CV, etc.) or take part in a troubleshooting workshop.

Rooms are available for rent in order to encourage the host of young entrepreneurs from the region within an incubator.



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