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La Ruche was born in France in 2008 with the conviction that a responsible and collaborative society was possible. Its mission is to bring together all those working on innovative responses to the most complex social and environmental challenges. Today, it brings together a learning community of more than 1000 entrepreneurs and innovators of the positive economy connected on a knowledge exchange platform!

Over the past 10 years, the Ruches network has grown to include 9 spaces in France, representing more than 5,500 square meters dedicated to social entrepreneurship. La Ruche is a network of incubators dedicated to social innovation. Its action includes co-working, incubation, events, but also the establishment of large-scale partnerships with major groups such as Google. At La Ruche, people believe that every actor can have a social, societal or environmental impact regardless of their economic situation, geographical location, gender or origin. The ambition is to encourage the birth and implementation of impact projects throughout the country, including in large companies, taking into account the existing obstacles.

In France, women represent only 9% of entrepreneurs in the new technologies sector, while nearly 70% of them consider entrepreneurship to be more fulfilling than salaried employment.

With this alarming fact in mind, and with the strength of its experience in supporting emerging projects led by women, La Ruche is taking up a major challenge to reduce gender inequality in new technologies.

Through its acceleration programme for social start-ups led by women, Les Ambitieuses, La Ruche, surrounded by its partners, has set itself the mission of supporting start-ups from all over France by providing comprehensive support at both operational and strategic levels.



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