Radio X

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Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

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A multifunctional space ran by the radio station Radio X which is based in the heart of Cagliari, in the EXMA, a rebuilt and renovated former sluaghterhouse which is today an artistic and cultural centre for exhibitions, cultural events and art showcasing. The Radio X Social Club is a coworking space, a crative laboratory, a meeting place for art, innovation and music, a space to communicate and cooperate with associations, artists, musicians and social enterprises to design new projects and communicate.

The space runs cultural nights, readings, concerts, cooperative artistic events, and realizes projects connected with music, arts, local heritage, education and more, together with other individuals and entities. All of it is ran and supported by the radio Station Radio X, which is one of the first web-broadcasted radios in the world, offering spaces for talking and communicating, disseminating and providing visibility for different projects.

Some of the activities can be adapted to teach youngsters about music, conducting shows, being technicians and speak up their mind through radio. Also it offers space of communication for different ideas and kinds of art. Moreover, there are some activities dedicated to young people that can be used in the youth work context. One example was one activity to teach in the schools Sardinian language and heritage through rapping, involving famous rappers teaching the techniques to kids.



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