Migrantour Cagliari

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Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

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Migrantour is a tour companion service realized in different towns were the tours are made with alternative itineraries and watching at the cities with different eyes. The people realizing the tours and accompanying you to discover the town are migrants that live in that town and can show it to you from different angles.

The project includes a long term preparation where the migrants are prepared to know how to deal with tourists and in general people going with them and included different soft skills and such. The project originally is including different cities and countries, and it’s financed by the Italian Cooperation Development Agency and coordinated by ACRA Foundation.

It can be a good way to involve youngsters in some useful and engaging activities that can be useful for the town and for the youngsters to get soft skills. It can be a good idea also to involve locals and young migrants together to enforce inclusion and intercultural dialogue.





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Amici di Sardegna
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Non Profit Organization
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Long termed