Locanda Buoni e Cattivi

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Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

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Locanda is a project by Fondazione Domus de Luna Onlus: a restaurant which offers good food and the possibility to learn and grow in a new job to give a chance to youngsters that deserve a different future and mothers that want a new and better life with their children. Locanda is one of the three activities of the cooperative, including also Circolo (a clubhouse) and Camere (rooms, a small hotel and rooms for rental). All the activities have a high quality, especially the restaurant, which received different prizes and recognitions in the past for the work done.

The people employed are youngsters with social/cultural/economic challenges of different kinds, including ex-convicts, migrants, victims of violence, people with disability and more. All together the locanda gives training and supports them in their professional and personal growth providing them the chance for a new and better life.

The activities are quite useful in a youth work environment to provide a concrete chance to young people to get a better life, getting included in the society from economical and social point of view, learning new skills and jobs, trying by experience how to work in practice. The idea can be adapted to other jobs/activities and applied in the same way besides the reception part of a restaurant or hotel.





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La Cooperativa dei Buoni e Cattivi
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