Ecolieu JEANOT

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Rion-des-Landes, France

Beginning of the project

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The Project is ongoing

Since 2011 the organization “C Koi Ça” hosts L’Ecolieu Jeanot. From the beginning of a shared garden with Jeanot Diviths to a today’s project, the team “C Koi Ça” clears and experiences news ways for people to find a place in this area and to live in the world around it.

Designed as an educational tool, L’écolieu Jeanot is a support of experiences. It has for purpose to contribute to the social, ecologic, economic, and cultural transformation of its area for the build of a fair, solidary and sustainable world.

The developed activities are dispatched in several activities committees and take place in a cross-cutting approach around 4 common threads:

– To Produce and consume differently
– To understand the world around us
– To share and to support
– To live together

Those values are carried and shared across different training courses, workshops, artistic residencies, welcoming groups and the radio of this place: Radio Hapchot.

Ideas meet, abound and become stronger of the dynamic of Jeanot’s own activities and meetings.

Driven by a horizontal governance, l’écolieu is in permanent process of reflexion’s researches and joint decisions’ experiences: the project is, by nature, need and belief, open to everybody.



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