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Morcenx, France

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Since 2020, in the framework of its Social Economy Network named “PLOUCS” Co-actions has been experimenting a “Youth Work Co-op”. These coops are small cooperative businesses that are managed during summer holidays by groups of ten young people who want to create jobs for themselves and find out about collective entrepreneurship, the democratic structure of a work co-op and the ins-and-outs of the labour market. Co-op members also learn how to operate their business responsibly.

Through this experience, they can become more responsible, independent and confident and have a better social inclusion. The Youth Coop project led by Co-actions, is also a way to give young people opportunities to think in the future they want, what they want, and what challenges they identify. So it’s complementary with other initiatives of social entrepreneurship for young people.

Too  many  young  people  are  experiencing  a  dangerous  mix  of  high  unemployment, increased inactivity and precarious work, as well as persistently high working poverty. The  cooperative  form  of  enterprise  provides  young  people  a  means  to  create  their own employment, find jobs with enterprises that often align themselves with their own values, and participate as member-owners of enterprises where their voice is heard.



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