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Thessaloniki, Greece

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The aim of the “bios coop” is the operation of a cooperative non-profit supermarket with quality and cheap products, as much as possible from farmers’ cooperatives and individual producers.

Quality is ensured by our emphasis on quality food, targeting as much as possible the selection of products that do not use pesticides and genetically modified seeds, hoping to strengthen the organic production stream in the long term. The low price is ensured by bypassing the middlemen, to the extent that the products will reach the shelf through direct relationship and cooperation with the producers. These two objectives, combined with the cooperative and non-profit nature of the supermarket, which is wholly owned by its members, make the project important, original and promising, but also a top priority. Wanting to intervene in the quality of one’s food, a quality that has been completely degraded by speculation, is one of the first steps to be taken by truly active citizens.

The cooperative grocery store “vios coop” operates on the basis of the ideas, values and principles of the social and solidarity economy and direct democracy. The supply of local and domestic, preferably local, products and services of excellent quality and low price, tries to contribute to the development and modernization of the respective production.
At the same time, it seeks to meet the needs of its members and all citizens in terms of goods and services, in terms of social justice, at prices that are as low as possible and as fair as possible for producers.



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